Why can't I access a TrustedForm Certificate?

Once you claim a TrustedForm (TF) Certificate, a timeline begins that determines how you'll be able to access that certificate. 

  • Less than 3 Days Old - Anyone with the TrustedForm Certificate URL can access it, regardless of whether or not they are logged in to SSO (Single Sign-On) + TrustedForm. All one needs is theTrustedForm Certificate URL.


  • Greater Than 3 Days Old + NOT Signed In - Attempting to access a claimed certificate under these conditions results in a Certificate Not Found screen:


  • Greater Than 3 Days, Less Than 30 Days Old + Signed In - Once signed into SSO + launching TrustedForm, one can revisit the same TrustedForm Certificate URL to load the TrustedForm Certificate:


  • Greater Than 30 Days Old - Once the claimed TrustedForm Certificate reaches this point, one will first see this view while the data is pulled from long-term storage: 


  • To learn more about the long-term storage of certificates greater than 30 days old, visit this link




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