Why can't I access a particular TrustedForm certificate?

Once you claim a TrustedForm (TF) certificate, a timeline begins that determines how you'll be able to access that certificate. 

  • When a claimed TF certificate is less than 3 days old, you'll be able to access it regardless of whether or not you're signed into Single Sign On (a.k.a. SSO) at the time. All you'll need to do is visit the specific TF certificate url you'd like to view.
  • If you try to access that claimed certificate when it's greater than 3 days old and you're not signed in to SSO, you'll see a page that looks like this:  

  • However, once you sign into SSO, you can revisit that same url and you'll be greeted with the TrustedForm certificate you're looking for:

  • If the claimed TF certificate is greater than 30 days old when you try to access it, you'll see this page instead: 

  • To learn more about the long term storage of certificates greater than 30 days old, visit this link
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