Batch File Delivery

LeadConduit supports delivering your lead data and third-party appended data to a batch file. 


Create a Batch Delivery

To begin the batch file configuration process, open your Flow Editor, switch to the Steps tab, click the Add Recipient button, and search for or scroll to the Batch File Delivery integration.


Give your Batch File Delivery step a name so you can easily recognize it in your flow.


The Batch File Delivery Wizard will walk you through the configuration process.

1: Configuration

Choose a Name for the Batch File Delivery

2: File Settings

File Type:

  • Comma Separated Value (CSV)
  • Tab Separated Value (TSV)
  • Pipe-Delimited

File Name Format


File Settings: Advanced

  • Time Zone - This setting affects the variable date component of a file name. The default is the time zone set in your account, but you can override it to another time zone.
    • e.g. a delivery is scheduled for 1 am GMT (UTC 0) but the recipient is in CST (UTC -6). By default, the date in the file name would be the wrong day for the recipient.
  • Row Separator - (Unix or Windows)
  • Encrypt files using PGP - Encrypt your sensitive data (more configuration details below)
  • ZIP - Compress and deliver the file in a .zip format



PGP encryption is supported when formatting batch files. This allows for securing data in your files using a key. This operation occurs after an integration converts the data into a file and before standard ZIP compression.

The PGP configuration object supports the following properties.

Property Description Type
enabled Whether PGP encryption is enabled or not Boolean
armor Whether the file will be converted to base64 or left as binary, defaults to true (base64) Boolean
compression The algorithm that should be used for compression, either 'uncompressed', 'zip', or 'zlib', defaults to 'uncompressed' String
public_key The public key that will be used for encryption. This must currently be an RSA key. If a key is not provided, a key pair will be generated and the private key will be returned in the creation of the key. String
signing_private_key The private key that will be used for signing. This is not required but helps to ensure that the encrypted file was not created by another party. If no key is provided, ActiveProspect's default signing key will be used String
signing_password The password used to decrypt the private signing key, if needed. String


3: Column Settings

  • Include a header row? - Yes / No
  • Column setup method: You can both select fields from the flow and map them manually
    • Select fields from the flow will automatically add all the fields from your flow so you don't have to type all of those in one by one
    • Manually add fields allows you to set extra fields if, for example, you wanted to log the outcome of a third-party enhancement step or other additional appended data.


Lead data is automatically mapped to the Batch Delivery step in your flow.

However, when you add fields manually to the Batch Delivery, you must also map those fields manually for that Step in the Flow.


NOTE: These fields must be scoped to Batch Custom.



4: Delivery Schedule

Schedule: The batch file can be scheduled to deliver Daily, Weekly, Every Y Minutes/Hours, or you can customize further with Crontab syntax.

Daily and Weekly Schedules can be timed to run at a specific hour or the day.

Weekly schedules can be set to run on a specific day.

5: Delivery Method

Batch files can be delivered by:

  • Email
  • SFTP
    • Batch File Delivery only supports SFTP via username/password and keyboard-interactive username/password
  • FTP
  • FTPS

Batch files delivered by email will be sent from Please whitelist this email address to ensure proper delivery of your files.

Server credentials aren't a requirement to Save the Batch File Delivery configuration, but of course, the step won't be able to execute successfully until those details are added.

Also, you may need to whitelist LeadConduit IP addresses to allow LeadConduit to transfer files to your server via FTP, SFTP, or FTPS.

6: Notifications

In addition to the email with the batch file (if you choose that option), you can provide a list of email addresses to receive alerts for the following:

  • Successful Delivery
  • Errors / Failures

You can also choose to receive notifications at scheduled intervals even when leads are not present. No delivery will be attempted if no leads are available for delivery.

NOTE: Email deliveries are marked as a failure if any of the delivery addresses bounce. This includes both Permanent bounces (account issues) and Transient bounces (typically an Out of Office notification).

Save and your Batch File Delivery is ready to use!





Batch Delivery Maintenance

In the top LeadConduit menu under Libraries, you'll find the account level view of all Batch File deliveries.

From the Batches section you can:




Editing a Batch File Delivery

There are two ways you can edit a batch file delivery:

1: Within the Flow

Click the cog on the Batch File Delivery Step in the flow and then Edit Step.



2: From the Batches section under Libraries


Enable / Disable Batch Deliveries

Disabling Deliveries does not prevent the collection of lead data. The batch files simply won't be delivered until the delivery is re-enabled.


Deliver Pending Batch Files

Sometimes you'll need to deliver a batch file ahead of schedule. You can do so from the Batches section of the library.

By default, any leads delivered in a batch file are cleared from the queue. However, you have the option to deliver the leads from this out of sync batch in the next scheduled delivery as well.



Make a Copy

Making a copy will start the Batch File Delivery Wizard, but starts with the configuration from the file you're copying, instead of a blank slate.


Delete a Batch File Delivery

Before you can delete a Batch File Delivery you must remove it from all flows referencing it to prevent errors.



Download / Redeliver a Batch File

When you need to download or redeliver a file you can do so from the Processed Files tab.


NOTE While you cannot redeliver files from a batch you've deleted, you can still download the original file.



Resolving Batch File Delivery Errors

Error: Not delivered due to error: Message length is more than 10485760 bytes long: 'XXX'.


  1. Enable .zip file deliveries by checking Compress delivered files into .zip files under the Advanced setting in File Settings.
  2. After saving the settings, click "Resend" under Processed Files and select the option to use new settings.


Error: Not delivered due to error: Message rejected: could not be delivered to 'xxx@xxx.xx'
Note: If no action is taken, leads will be included in the next scheduled delivery.


  1. Please ensure that is whitelisted
  2. Ensure all email addresses the batch file is being delivered to are active and not responding with bounce notifications - this includes both Permanent bounces (account issues) and transient bounces (typically an Out of Office notification).
    • Optional: Edit Batch File Delivery to remove out of office emails from the delivery.
  3. After ensuring that there are no bounce notifications, click "Resend" under Processed Files.


Error: Not delivered due to error: Error establishing initial connection to SFTP: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND


  1. Please ensure that domain/subdomain that you are trying to deliver to exists and is publicly accesable. 
  2. Ensure all the domain is spelled correctly in the the batch file configuration.


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