There are two ways to claim a TrustedForm certificate.

Option 1: The TrustedForm API.

Option 2: Adding the TrustedForm enhancement as a step in your LeadConduit flow.

* If you're trying to integrate TrustedForm with a LeadConduit Classic campaign, visit this page

For the purposes of this section, we will discuss how to implement Option 2. This option is ideal if you aren't familiar with APIs, or you would rather have LeadConduit do all the heavy lifting to claim your TrustedForm certificates.

To successfully implement this option, you'll need to add the TrustedForm enhancement step to your flow, send the generated TrustedForm certificate URL to your flow, and perform any necessary inbound field mapping.

Once you've set this up, leads posting into your flow will automatically be claimed on your behalf by the TrustedForm enhancement step.

For a step-by-step walkthrough of configuring your flow to claim TrustedForm certificates, see this article

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