A Basic TrustedForm Checklist

This article presents a basic checklist of things necessary to send a TrustedForm certificate URL to LeadConduit from a web form, and claim that certificate via the LeadConduit user interface. Supplementary articles for each item appear in parentheses.


  • I've implemented the TrustedForm script correctly (article)
  • I've configured my form to post data to the LeadConduit endpoint correctly (article)
  • I've performed any inbound field mapping necessary to collect the value of the TrustedForm certificate url field (article)
  • I've added the TrustedForm enhancement to my flow (article)
  • I've added a filter after the TrustedForm step in my flow to catch failures, errors, and skips (article)
  • *If applicable* I've configured my lead delivery step to send the TrustedForm certificate URL to my destination (article)
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