Batch File Delivery: Advanced Use Cases

Delivering Batch Files on Weekdays Only

You can set up a Monday-Friday delivery by selecting the "Cron" option from the Schedule dropdown menu.


bfd_select_cron.pngTo have your batch files delivered at 9am from Monday to Friday, set up your Cron job like this: 


Most users who want to set up weekday-only deliveries employ a Cron job similar to the one above. However, if you find yourself needing to adjust the time of delivery, this site is a great resource for writing Crontab:


Rebuilding Batch Files

You can make adjustments to your batch files by accessing the "Batch Files" selection in the "Libraries" menu on your LeadConduit home page.


Select the batch file delivery you would like to adjust. 


You will then be prompted with the Batch File Delivery configuration menu where you will be able to adjust your batch file.

For example, if you've been collecting values for an "campaign_sub_id_1" parameter, but you haven't been sending this information in your batch files, you can add the "campaign_sub_id_1" field to your delivery.


Going forward, the value associated with the "campaign_sub_id_1" parameter will be sent with your batch file.

Users who would like to retroactively send already processed batch files with the newly added parameter can do so by selecting the resend option under the "Processed Files" tab.


You will be prompted with the screen below asking if you would like to "Resend using the updated configuration".


Selecting this option will allow you to resend the processed file with the newly added parameter as long as the "opt_in" data is within the timeframe of your data retention settings.


Customizing Field Names

Creating custom field names for your batch delivery requires two steps.

1. Select the 'Batch Custom' option for the outbound batch delivery:


Create the custom field name you'd like exported with the flow value in your batch delivery. Remember this field name because you'll need it in the next step.


2. When configuring the delivery settings for your batch delivery, include the custom field name your created during the previous step:


You'll see a warning message in a yellow box below alerting you to the fact that you're sending a custom field name in your batch delivery. As long as you're using the same field name in both steps, you're flow value will be delivered correctly.

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