Why is my TrustedForm snapshot missing?

From time to time one might encounter a missing snapshot on a TrustedForm certificate.


Typically this means the snapshot was not uploaded into TrustedForm's storage.

The most common culprit is the spotty network connection on mobile devices but unfortunately, it's not always possible to say why this happens. 

Think about an end-user filling out a form on a mobile device over a spotty 2G/3G data connection and you can quickly imagine scenarios in which the snapshot gets dropped in transit.

Because TrustedForm only gets one shot to capture the snapshot, if that snapshot gets dropped, it's not something that can be obtained retroactively.

Each TrustedForm Certificate is basically a best effort attempt to get as much info as possible.




Q: If I see the "Snapshot not found" message, is my snapshot really most sincerely gone, or might it still be retrieved with some back-end Developer Magic?

A: Previously, really enormous snapshots which might require extra time to pull into active storage would return a "Snapshot not found" message, even though the snapshot was indeed found. TrustedForm will now return a "Retrieving Certificate" message, even on brand new Certificates, while the snapshot is loading to active memory.



As of February 2017, when a TrustedForm certificate is viewed and returns the "Snapshot not found" message, it's very likely that the associated snapshot was not uploaded to TrustedForm storage and is indeed missing. 

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