Exempting LeadConduit Flow steps from Test Leads

When you or your lead vendors are posting test leads to a flow you might not always want to run every step in that flow. For example, you probably want to skip the de-duplication step so you can submit the same lead data as many times as needed. Here's one way to set that up...


1) Add the Test Lead (is_test) field to your flow. We'll use this standard field to indicate whether the lead data is real or only meant for testing purposes. The Flow must still be configured to use it as LeadConduit will not take any actions based on this field otherwise.


2) Here's an example flow with a couple of steps you'd probably want to skip when testing:

  • SuppressionList
  • Filter (Catch Bad Emails)




3) Let's Add or Update Step Criteria to those Flow Steps.

  1. Expand the step
  2. Click Step Criteria
  3. Click Add Rule
  4. Set the flow field to Test Lead and the operator to is not true


Here the is not true operator means Test Lead is either blank or false.

This means if the Test Lead Field (is_test) is omitted or if Test Lead is set to false, the flow proceeds normally.



However, if the Test Lead field is included and the value is true, the step is skipped. Test Lead is a boolean field value and the following values will all be evaluated to true (yes, true, 1). 



4) Skipping Filters are a little different than other steps because they do not have Step Criteria. Instead, you have to include the Test Lead Step Criteria as one of the conditions to stop the flow.

Here's a fairly generic filter setting.



Here's what you'd need to add to exempt Test Leads from the Filter.



Here's the resulting test lead when an email fails the third-party validation. The filter isn't Skipped, but the conditions required to stop the flow weren't met so the flow continued to the next step.



If you have other Test Lead scenarios, especially if they're complex, we'd love to help you solve those puzzles.





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