Will TrustedForm Work With My Coreg Platform?

“I have a coreg platform where customers enter their personal information on one page, then on other pages I show them multiple offers that they may select or opt-in. How do I implement TrustedForm?”

TrustedForm works fine with coreg platforms, but you may need to do things a little differently to meet your buyer's requirements.

Capturing the xxTrustedFormCertUrl field

Coreg offers are usually submitted first to the coreg platform’s server rather than directly to LeadConduit or the buyer’s CRM. You’ll need to ensure that the hidden xxTrustedFormCertUrl field that TrustedForm adds to all of the page’s forms is captured and passed along with the rest of the lead data. You should not code the xxTrustedFormCertUrl field into your forms. It will be automatically created in the user’s browser at run time. Your platform will need to capture its data when the form is submitted.

Making sure that the user's identifying information is in the certificate

Another issue for coreg operators is how to make sure that the user’s identifying information is part of the TrustedForm certificate. Your lead buyer will likely want to see the user’s identifying information in the TrustedForm certificate along with their opt-in action. Keep in mind that TrustedForm captures only the page on which its JavaScript snippet is deployed and that snippets deployed on different pages in the same site are not connected in any way. You’ll need to show the user’s personal info on the same page as the opt-in.

Implementation: Option 1

Here’s how many coreg platforms implement TrustedForm: When the customer selects an offer, expand that specific offer within the page to display their previously collected personal information along with the opt-in, disclaimer or terms acknowledgment form. That way the TrustedForm certificate will include all the information your buyer expects.

It’s important to note that each page instance generates only one TrustedForm certificate. If a TrustedForm-enabled page contains more than one form, each form will have its own hidden TrustedFormCertUrl field, but all will be populated with the same value. All of the forms and all of their data will be part of the same certificate, so anyone examining the Certificate will be able to see the entire page.

Implementation: Option 2

Another method is to expand the selected offer as above but to a new page containing its own TrustedForm snippet instead of within the current page. For most coreg operators this is the preferred method since it ensures that each offer the user selects will have its own unique TrustedForm certificate.

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