Whitepages Pro : Caller ID

ActiveProspect partners with WhitePages Pro to offer their Caller Identification API directly through LeadConduit.


Whitepages Pro Caller Identification API

This Marketplace integration can return the full name, demographics, address data, and phone intelligence associated with a phone number in real-time.

LeadConduit uses the success or failure of the API call to determine success or failure of the step. 

NOTE This API is a true data append service. Although the data returned is applicable to lead verification, that is not what this API was built for. It's meant for real time calling environments or other scenarios where you only have an incoming phone number to work from. Using this API in those scenarios allows you to say, fill out your CRM with name, address, etc. from only a phone number.


What constitutes a Success? What constitutes a Failure

The API response returns no errors and no message blocks.

The API response includes a messages block whose severity field equals "warning".


Making a Decision

A filter must be used after the step in order to make any decision based on the data returned.

While the Caller Identification API does not make a quality determination about the phone number, you can use the data returned to make your own judgment about the quality of the phone number. The following is a commonly used filter:

Is Prepaid: Some clients find Prepaid phone numbers to be unreliable




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