Whitepages Pro: Phone Intelligence

ActiveProspect partners with WhitePages Pro to offer their Phone Intelligence API directly through LeadConduit.

What It Does

Whitepages Phone Intelligence is a data service that provides carrier and phone line information based on a phone number.

Using Phone Intelligence

Open your flow edit to the Steps tab, click Add Enhancement and select Whitepages Pro Phone Intelligence:



Understanding the Response

What constitutes a Success? What constitutes a Failure

The API response returns no errors and no message blocks.

The API response includes a messages block whose severity field equals "warning".


Making a Decision

A filter must be used after the step in order to make any decision based on the data returned.

While the Phone Intelligence enhancement does not make a quality determination about the phone number, you can use the data returned to make your own judgment about the quality of the phone number. The following is a commonly used filter:

Is Prepaid: Some clients find Prepaid phone numbers to be unreliable



Appended Data

The enhancement returns the following information:

Field Detail Example
Outcome The status of the recipient event success
Reason When the outcome is other than Success, a reason for the Outcome is provided. Could not retrieve entire response
is_valid A boolean value indicating if the phone is valid. Possible values are true, false or null. true
country_calling_code International country code (Spec: ITU-T E.164). Example: “1” for USA & Canada. 1
country_code Alpha-2 country code. Example: "US" for the United States, "DE" for Germany. DE
country_name Full country name. Germany
line_type Line type can be any of the following:
  • Mobile: Wireless phone line
  • Landline: Traditional wired phone line
  • FixedVOIP: VOIP based fixed line phones tied to addresses (normally provided by cable companies like Comcast for instance)
  • NonFixedVOIP: Google Voice for example
  • Voicemail: Voicemail-only service
  • TollFree: Call recipient pays for call
  • Premium: Caller pays a premium for the call–e.g. 976 area code
  • Other: Anything that does not match the previous categories
  • Unknown: Line type cannot be determined
carrier The company that provides voice and/or data services for this phone number. Carriers are returned at the MVNO level. Sprint
is_prepaid If true, the phone number is associated with a prepaid phone carrier. If false, the phone number is not associated with a prepaid phone carrier. If null, the prepaid status of the phone is not known. Note: is_prepaid is available in North America only. true
warnings An array containing one or more of the following warning message strings: Invalid Input Missing Input Invalid country_hint value. Only Alpha-2 and Alpha-3 supported Invalid Input




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