Twilio: Call Forwarding

Twilio is a cloud communication company that enables users to use standard web languages to build voice, VoIP, and SMS apps via a web API. LeadConduit supports Twilio both as a Lead Source and as a Delivery.



Twilio as a Delivery

Once you've run a Twilio number through your LeadConduit flow steps, you still need to forward the call to your Call Center (don't forget, the phone call was just placed and has probably only rung once on the user's phone).

Edit your Flow, click Add Delivery, and select Twilio from the list of options.



You'll immediately be prompted to provide required details for the Twilio Call Transfer step to run.



Twilio Call Transfer needs to know what number to pass the call to. This may be a single number, or it might vary based on data you collected from Twilio or a LeadConduit Marketplace integration. In this example, we are forwarding the call to our Sales team.



Click Ok, then Save

Now, when the Twilio number is called, it will first post to LeadConduit for scrubbing using whatever criteria you see fit, then hand it off to the number in the Twilio Call Forwarding step, and the phone rings.

Ahoy hoy! 



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