Contact Center Compliance: DNCScrub

ActiveProspect partners with Contact Center Compliance to offer their DNCScrub service directly through LeadConduit.

What It Does

Contact Center Compliance provides a cloud-based compliance solution suite that enables companies to easily adhere to the latest TCPA and DNC regulations in a cost-effective manner. Their team has deep roots in the direct marketing industry and has proven to be the "go to" vendor for the best-in-class TCPA and DNC risk management all-in-one solution.

This LeadConduit integration enables you to perform a phone number scrub against lists that are provided by Contact Center Compliance ( specifically, litigator lists and state and federal rule based DNC lists. This integration will return whether or not a specific phone number can be called based upon the lists and rules configuration in either your project or in an active campaign inside the project.


NOTE The DNCScrub LeadConduit integration is not a Marketplace integration, meaning you must have your own account credentials in order to make use of this service.

Using DNCScrub

Open your flow edit to the Steps tab, click Add Enhancement and select DNCScrub. You will need to provide a Login ID. You'll also likely want to add a Filter, which we'll cover in a moment:


Depending on your set up, this may be all you need. If you have a specific Project and/or Campaign within you want to reference, you can do so by adding new lines to the field mapping view and select Proj ID and/or Campaign ID from the list of items.


Click OK, then Save.


Making a Decision

A filter must be used after the step in order to make any decision based on the data returned.

The CCC/DNC integration makes a Call / Don't Call determination on your behalf, so all you have to do is add a filter to stop the flow when the Outcome of the integration is Failure.


You're now ready to use DNCScrub!

Appended Data

The enhancement returns the following information:

API Response LeadConduit Appended Data

Date Field

EBR Expiration Date



National DNC Details

State DNC Details

TPS DNC Details

Wireless Details

Region Abbrev

Phone Region


Phone Country


Phone Rate Center

Carrier Info

Carrier OCN

Carrier Type

Carrier Name

New Reassigned Area Code

Phone Reassigned Area Code

tz Code

Phone TimeZone Name

Phone TimeZone UTC Offset Minutes

Phone Observes DST

Calling Window

Phone Weekday Calling Window

Phone Saturday Calling Window

Phone Sunday Calling Window

UTC Offset

Phone Current UTC Offset Minutes

Do Not Call Today

Phone Do Not Call Today

Calling Time Restrictions

Calling Restrictions

Calling Restriction Details


What constitutes a Success? What constitutes a Failure

The phone number scrubbed clean and can be safely called. The number scrubbed clean against DNC lists, has an industry exemption that overrides any DNC status, or an existing business relationship is in place that OKs the call.

The number should not be called due to matching against the rules configured in the customer’s account. The number may have matched a particular list (DNC, Litigator, etc.), or may be ineligible to call due to state or federal calling restrictions.

Step Failure will also be returned if a determination cannot be made as to the callability of the number.

The following API Result Codes will trigger Step Failure:
B, I, P, D, L, F, V, W, G, H, Y

Customer Override Option - Result Codes L, F, V

These result codes are associated with wireless numbers located in states where telemarketing is not allowed even if manually dialed.  EBR can override here, but most folks choose not to risk it.  Also, in order to effectively use these fields, the customer must stream EBR information to and have that configuration turned on.  If not turned on, these result codes will not be returned by the API.  Customer may override a failed step with one of these result codes if they choose to take on additional risk(e.g. if they feel their EBR database provides adequate protection), but by default numbers associated with these result, codes will be specified as non-callable.

Customer Override Option - Result Codes W, G, H

These result codes are associated with wireless numbers that cannot be called with a predictive dialer (auto-dialer), even if they are not listed on DNC lists or have valid EBR.  To call with a predictive dialer, explicit written permission to call is required.  In order to dial these numbers, they must be routed to a manual dial system and be dialed by hand  Customers may override a failed step with one of these result codes if they choose to take on additional risk or put the appropriate dialing process in place. But, by default numbers associated with these result codes will be specified as non-callable.

Customer Override Option - Result Code Y

We will be conservative regarding VOIP numbers to match’s best practices. does not discern between Fixed and Non-Fixed VOIP and encourages customers to scrub all VOIP due to recent litigation that may qualify VOIP numbers for TCPA damages. Customers may override a failed step with this result code if they choose to take on additional risk.  By default, numbers associated with this result code will be specified as a non-callable number.





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