Finding and Using Submission Docs

Now that your flow is built, either you or your Lead Vendors will need Submission Docs in order to get your lead data into LeadConduit.

LeadConduit account holders can access Source-specific Submission Docs from the Source Page.


Account holders can also access Submission Docs from the Flow's Main Page.


Once you select a Source, a new page will open with a unique hashed URL for this Flow + Source combination.

If this is for an external lead vendor, you can safely share this Submission Docs URL with your lead vendor. No LeadConduit account credentials are required.

On the Submission Docs page, there are in-depth instructions on how to submit lead data to LeadConduit, including any requirements you configured in the Acceptance Criteria section of the flow, a sample lead request and response in various supported formats.

You can also Batch Import Leads (in CSV format) directly to LeadConduit from the Submission Docs page. 



For a more in-depth review of how to post to LeadConduit, you can review this deconstruction of the Posting URL, fields, HTTP Headers, etc.

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