My Account Tab in SSO

Once logged into, click on the My Account tab to manage billing and payment information, view current and historical invoices, and manage subscribed users to your account.





All active users will be listed with their email address (their username), their phone number, and the products to which they are currently allowed access. If you have been registered with permission to add new users to an account, you can invite new members using the button on the top right of the screen. To edit a user's access to specific products or allow them to add new users or edit payment information, use the pencil icon. To remove a user altogether, use the X icon. 


Billing / Payment

Your payment method and the monthly invoice recipients will be listed here. To edit your card on file or to edit who receives monthly invoices via email, click the Update Billing/Payment Info button on the right side of the screen.

NOTE We cannot update payment information on your behalf. You must log into SSO to update your card on file. The billing address must match the card upon update.





All current and previous product subscriptions will be listed here. The subscription fee and included volume for each product will be listed here as well. 


All historical invoices will be listed in reserve chronological order. Click on any invoice number to see the invoice in detail.


Each invoice will display the high-level overview for each product to which you're subscribed, and the total cost for that product in the given month. 

Remember: Each invoice charges you for your monthly subscription and included volume at the beginning of the upcoming month, and retroactively charges you for any volume incurred over your included volume from the previous month.

To see the granular detail for specific usage types, per product, click the link at the bottom of the invoice. 


All invoices can be printed or saved as PDF, as necessary. 




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