Why is this warning message appearing on my batch file column settings?

Q: Why is this warning message appearing on my batch file column settings?

"You have added one or more custom columns that do not match any available fields. You will need to map existing fields to these custom columns in the Batch File step of your Flows."

Nothing bad seems to happen as a result (we are getting the output we expect to get), but I don’t really understand what this means.


A: This is merely a heads-up that you may or may not have missed creating a mapping from the flow to your batch.

When you configure a batch and connect it to a flow with a batch delivery step, LeadConduit checks the batch file's columns against the available flow fields. It attempts to match every column name to a flow field, and where it finds a match, automatically connects them.

Of course, you may not be using a flow field name as a particular column's header, or you may be mapping a hard-coded value or an appended data value to a column. But LeadConduit can't know that for sure. So whenever it sees columns it can't automatically match up it warns you, just in case, to be sure you've specifically created those mappings in your flow's batch delivery step.

See the "Column Settings" section of the primary Batch File Delivery KnowledgeBase article for an example.

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