Speak2Leads: Call Center

ActiveProspect partners with Speak2Leads to offer the Speak2Leads HTTP POST directly through LeadConduit.

You can use the LeadConduit Speak2Leads Integration to send a lead directly to Speak2Leads.

What you'll need to get started:

  • A Speak2Leads account
  • A Speak2Leads Account ID

The documentation below will show you where to find the Account ID.

Finding What You Need

When you sign up for Speak2Leads, they will follow up with Posting Instructions, including an Account ID

The Speak2Leads UI does not reveal your Account ID. You will have to follow up with Speak2Leads Support if you have lost track of your Account ID.

Configuring Speak2Leads in LeadConduit

From your selected Flow, choose Edit, scroll to the bottom of the Steps tab, select the Add Delivery option, and search for/scroll to Speak2Leads and select.

Next, you'll need to copy+paste the Speak2Leads Account ID so LeadConduit can communicate withSpeak2Leads.

Click Ok and Save the flow.

The phone number and first name you collect with the lead will automatically be sent to Speak2Leads and you don't need to manually map them in the field mapping section.

At a minimum, this is all that is required to send a lead to Speak2Leads. Congrats!

Advanced Configuration Options

The following Optional fields are also supported:

  • Last Name - The last name
  • Lead Phone 2 - Second telephone number
  • Lead Phone 3 - Third telephone number
  • Email - Email Address
  • Address 1 - The first line of the address
  • City - The City
  • State - The State Code
  • Postal Code - The zip code
  • Location - Lead's Location, This is to filter or tag leads for differentiated distribution The default is Other
  • Lead Source - Lead's Source (EX: a landing page)
  • Education Program - Program of Interest
  • Area Of Interest - Area of Interest
  • Company Name - The name of company/employer
  • Keyword - Lead's keyword
  • Lead Comments - Lead's comments
  • Rep Phone - Rep's phone number (multiple phone numbers must be separated by a comma)
  • Routing Type - 1 if Step Ringing, 2 if Round Robin, 3 if Simultaneous
  • Vendor Lead Id - Vendor Lead Identifier
  • Caller Id - Caller ID to display on Leg 1 of the call
  • Call Delay - Duration of time to delay initial call (in seconds)

Interpreting the Results


What does a success response represent?

A success response means that the lead was successfully posted.

What does a failure response represent?

A failure represents a duplicate entry, an invalid phone number, an invalid location and an invalid area or program.

What fields does the integration return?

  • Outcome - Integration outcome (success, failure, error, or skip)
  • Reason - If outcome is not success, the reason




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