Pay As You Go: FAQs

Am I Required to Pre-Fill My Account When I sign Up?

Yes, we will charge your card $10 when you first sign up.

How much will it cost me to process my leads?

See our article on Transactional Billing for more information. Our products and marketplace integrations are billed transactionally. The cost to process your leads will depend on which products or integrations you decide to use in your lead flow to validate, enhance, and deliver data. 

Do I have to have a valid credit card in my account?

Adding a valid credit card and pre-funding your account is required to get started. However, you may remove your credit card at any time after you have funded your account. Click the gear icon next to 'Payment Method' in your Wallet tab.

How does auto-refill work?

Is auto-refill enabled by default?

No. Though we highly recommend setting up auto-refill, we let you choose if that is the right choice for you.

When will my account auto-refill?

You can set your auto-refill threshold in Wallet. Your account will refill once your remaining balance hits that threshold. 

How much will be charged when my account is auto-refilled?

You choose the amount of money that we will automatically charge your card to refill your account. The default amount is $50.00, but you can adjust this amount as you see fit. 

Do I have to enable auto-refill?

No. If you choose to keep it disabled, we strongly recommend that you set your balance notifications high enough to give you plenty of time to manually refill your balance.

Can I be notified when my balance is running low?

Yes, you can choose to receive an email when your balance reaches a specific dollar amount. This will allow you to know that we are about to refill the account or that it is time to log in and manually refill your balance.

Can I Make a One Time Payment?

Yes, you can manually refill your balance at any time. The Minimum Fill Amount applies in this case, and the available values will be similar to the Auto-Recharge Amount.

What happens if my usage for a month is below $10?

There is a $10 monthly minimum, which you can reach with any combination of our services. If you spend less than $10 in a month, we’ll only charge the difference between the minimum and what you used. For example, if you used $8.50 worth of services in July, we would charge you $1.50 on August 1st. If you did not have any transactions in July, we would debit you the full $10 from your existing preloaded balance.

What happens if my balance falls to zero and I do not have auto-refill enabled, I have deleted my card or my card is not valid?

LeadConduit will stop processing your leads, TrustedForm will no longer allow new Certificate claims, and SuppressionList will not accept new queries until your account balance is refilled. Should a lead be submitted to LeadConduit during this time period, the system will not accept it and the lead source will receive an error message in real time.

What happens to my stored TrustedForm Certs and lists in SuppressionList if my account runs out of funds?

Because TrustedForm and SuppressionList store items over time, accounts are charged a storage fee each day, calculated on the number of items being stored. If your account has disabled auto-refill or your credit card cannot be processed, it is possible that your account could go into the red as storage fees are charged each day. We know that this data is important to you, so we provide a 30-day window for you to update your credit card. We will store your Certificates and Lists for 30 days following your account reaching a balance of $0. During that period of time, the Certs and Lists will not be accessible to you. We will email you during this period so you will know that you need to refill your account to avoid permanently losing this data.

How Can I Get a Refund?

Contact our support team and we’ll be happy to refund the remaining balance in your account.




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