Pay As You Go: Billing


As you use our services (LeadConduit, Marketplace Integrations, SuppressionList or TrustedForm) we draw down your account balance with each transaction. As a part of this sign-up process, you will need to pre-fill your account balance with $10 so you can get started right away.


Auto-refill is not enabled by default, but we strongly recommend you enable it so you never have to worry about losing your leads. If enabled, the auto-refill feature will automatically charge your card once your balance drops below the specified threshold. For example, you can set up your account to automatically charge $50 every time your balance drops to $10. 

Monthly Minimum

There is a $10 monthly minimum, which you can reach with any combination of our services. If you spend less than $10 in a month, we’ll only charge the difference between the minimum and what you used. For example, if you used $8.50 worth of services in July, we would charge you $1.50 on August 1st. If you did not have any transactions in July, we would debit you the full $10 from your existing preloaded balance.


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