Monthly: Billing

(Formally known as Pay As You Go) 


There is a $250 monthly minimum for our Monthly pricing plan. Upon signup, you will fill your wallet with your monthly minimum commit of $250. As you start using our services (LeadConduit, Marketplace Integrations, SuppressionList or TrustedForm) your wallet will be charged per transaction in real-time. 

Price per transaction is based on our standard listed price. For more information on transaction based pricing, see our article on Transactional Billing.  If you spend less than your minimum commit, you’ll be charged the difference at the end of the month. For example, if you used $100 worth of services in July, we would charge you $150 on August 1st. If you did not have any transactions in July, we will pull $250 from your wallet. 


Wallet Auto-Recharge 

Auto-recharge allows uninterrupted lead flow throughout the month or can be used as a cost control mechanism. Auto-recharge is enabled by default and charges the card on file when your wallet balance reaches $50. This charge adds the amount of money necessary to fill your wallet balance back up to $250. You can log into your ActiveProspect account and make changes as needed by visiting the wallet tab. 



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