SuppressionList + LeadConduit Use Cases

There are a couple common deduplication use cases for SuppressionList + LeadConduit.

Query & Add to a List, Remove when Not Successful


Why use this configuration?

The Query & Add Item step is effective at catching a "stutter" of duplicate lead submissions in quick succession and works well for relatively simple lead flows.

If you have a complex lead flow with multiple filters, you will end up with just as many Delete Item steps, complicating your lead flow, and making this a less ideal solution


Query, Deliver, Add to a List when Successful 


Why use this configuration?

The distinct Query and Add Item steps are effective for complex lead flows.

When you have multiple filter steps, you would end up with just as many Delete Item steps if you added to the list immediately, complicating your lead flow.

When you wait until you have a delivery Success to add to the list, you reduce complexity in the lead flow significantly. 


Multiple Query Steps + Filters


Why use this configuration?

Sometimes you will maintain multiple lists for reasons other than deduplication, like a whitelist or a blacklist, or your own known litigators' list. In these instances you don't want to Add an Item to a list, you simply need to check the list to make a decision.


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