TowerData: Email Intelligence

ActiveProspect partners with TowerData to offer their Email Intelligence API directly through LeadConduit.

What It Does

The TowerData Email Intelligence enhancement can be plugged directly into your lead flow, helping you understand who your customers are and to segment them by their attributes by providing 50+ demographic and behavioral data fields. Improve personalization and create more targeted relevant content!

Using Email Intelligence

Open your flow edit to the Steps tab, click Add Enhancement and select TowerData Email Intelligence. You also might want to add a Filter or Step Criteria, which we'll cover in a moment:



As seen above, one you add Email Intelligence to the flow, you must set a true/false value for each possible data point. Here's how:

  1. Click Edit Field Mappings
  2. Enter the value true for every field you would like appended to the lead, and false for the fields you do not want append, then click OK in the bottom right corner
  3. Click Save in the upper right corner

Email Intelligence Billing

With the TowerData Email Intelligence enhancement, you are only charged per field returned by TowerData.

Understanding the Response

What constitutes a Success? What constitutes a Failure

The API returns any data for any of the demographic values queried.

The API returns no data for any of the demographic values queried.


Email Intelligence Fields

While this integration can append information from TowerData using only an email address OR mailing address, these additional data points substantially improve the match rate:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Address 1
  • Address 2
  • City
  • State
  • Postal Code


Making a Decision

A filter or step criteria can be added anywhere after the Email Intelligence step to make a decision based on the data returned. You could also include the data in the lead delivery to your system of record (CRM, MA, Batch File, etc.). Here are a few recommended options:



Stop processing the lead if the individual is a renter:


Step Criteria

Only execute a Flow Step if the individual is a homeowner:


Append Data to the Lead Record

Include the value for Years a Current Residence when delivering the lead to your system of record:


Appended Data

The enhancement returns the following information:

Demographic: The Email Intelligence data fields below are matched to the individual in the query.

Field Possible Values
Age 18-2021-2425-3435-4445-5455-6465+
Gender MaleFemale
Zip 94105



Household: The fields below correspond to the household of the individual in the query.

Field Values
household_income 0-15k15k-25k25k-35k35k-50k50k-75k75k-100k100k-125k125k-150k150k-175k175k-200k200k-250k250k+
net_worth 0-5k5k-10k10k-25k25k-50k50k-100k100k-250k250k-500k500k-750k750k-1mm1mm+
home_market_value 1k-25k25k-50k50k-75k75k-100k100k-150k150k-200k200k-250k250k-300k300k-350k350k-500k500k-1mm1mm+
home_owner_status OwnRent
length_of_residence Less than 1 year1 Year2 Years3 Years4 Years5 Years6 Years7 Years8 Years9 Years10 Years11-15 years16-19 years20+ years
marital_status SingleMarried
presence_of_children YesNo
education Completed High SchoolAttended CollegeCompleted College,Completed Graduate SchoolAttended Vocational/Technical School
occupation Blue Collar WorkerBusiness OwnerCivil ServiceExecutive/Upper ManagementHealth ServicesHomemakerMiddle ManagementMilitary PersonnelNursePart TimeProfessionalRetiredSecretaryStudentTeacherTechnologyWhite Collar Worker,


Interest & Purchase: The interest and purchase data features the categories in the table below. The returned value true means the individual has displayed that interest or purchased in that category. If the field name is not present, it means TowerData has not seen that behavior. 

Field Value
arts_and_crafts true
automotive true
baby_product_buyer true
beauty true
blogging true
books true
business true
charitable_donors true
cooking true
discount_shopper true
health_and_wellness true
high_end_brand_buyer true
home_and_garden true
home_improvement true
luxury_goods true
magazine_buyer true
news_and_current_events true
outdoor_and_adventure true
pets true
sports true
technology true
travel true

Email Activity Metrics

TowerData Email Activity Metrics help you determine whether an email address is active, inactive, or maybe fraudulent by providing information about how long that email has been in use, the frequency of activity, and other factors.

Field Value Description
date_first_seen YYYY-MM-DD The date the email address first appeared in TowerData's records. The value now will be returned if the email address is new to the TowerData database.
longevity 0-3 A score describing when TowerData first encountered the email address. See table below for descriptions.
velocity 0-10 A score reflecting the activity of the email address over the last 3 months, from 0 (no activity) to 10 (most active).
popularity 0-10 A score gauging the popularity of the email address over the last 12 months based on the number of sources from which TowerData has received the address, from 0 (no sources in 12 months) to 10 (most sources).
month_last_open YYYY-MM The year and month TowerData last detected an open by the email address in a rolling 12 month period.




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