ReSci (Retention Science)

ActiveProspect partners with ReSci (Retention Science) to offer part of the Users Endpoint of their Data API directly through LeadConduit.

ReSci can be found in the list of Deliveries. Currently, LeadConduit supports the Create New User action.

Create New User

Create a new entry in ReSci.

Required Configuration

  • ReSci API Key

Required Lead Fields

  • email - User's Email Address

Optional Lead Fields

  • first_name - First Name
  • last_name - Last Name
  • phone_1 - Primary Phone Number
  • address_1 - Address Line 1
  • address_2 - Address Line 2
  • city - City
  • state - State
  • postal_code - Postal Code/Zip Code
  • gender - Gender
  • dob - Date of Birth

Optional Mapped Data

  • Registration Source - Source of user's registration

What constitutes a Success?

The HTTP response is equal to 201 AND the field id is returned with the corresponding newly created User ID.

What constitutes a Failure?

The HTTP response is equal to 400 OR 401 AND a message field is present indicating the reason OR The HTTP response is equal to 500 AND a errors field is present indicating the reason.

Making a Decision

A filter or filters must be added after the step in order to make any decision based on the data returned.

In addition to the basic Success / Failure determination, the service and also returns a reason for any failures.

The basic recommended filter is as follows:





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