BriteVerify: Name Validation

ActiveProspect partners with BriteVerify to offer their Name API directly through LeadConduit.

Name Verification API

Name Verification does two things:

  • Parses a full name into its component parts (first, middle, last ...)
  • Verifies the name does not include profanity, illegal characters, etc. and attempts to match it to a known names database.

What constitutes a Success?

The HTTP response from BriteVerify is equal to 200 AND the status field is equal to valid OR unknown

What constitutes a Failure?

The HTTP response from BriteVerify is equal to 200 AND the status field is equal to invalid

Making a Decision

A filter or filters must be added after the step in order to make any decision based on the data returned.

In addition to the basic Success / Failure determination, BriteVerify: Name Validation and also returns an error code for any failures.

Error Codes

  • unrecognized_name_format
  • contains_multiple_first_names
  • contains_vulgarity
  • contains_nuisance_name
  • contains_company_name
  • contains_non_alphabetic

The basic recommended filter is as follows:


Unknown Names

If a first and last name match a database of known names, then the status will be set to "valid".

If there is no match the status is set to "unknown."

This is because it would be nearly impossible to match every possible name on the planet with 100% accuracy in real-time. So rather than flagging a valid, non-western name as invalid BriteVerify flags it as invalid and leave it up to you to decide how to handle it.

This does mean names like "Aasdfasdf KJDSFKJSDFsdfsd" might get flagged as unknown, even though to a human eye this might seem to be obvious garbage. The unknown status does indicate that the name is suspicious, but since we can't be absolutely sure we leave it up to you.




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