What is a Lead?

A lead is data record that represents a person. It is a collection of fields, or related data parameters, submitted to a LeadConduit flow by a source. 

What is a Source?

A source is an entity that is supplying leads to your flow.

What is a Flow?

A flow is a stored collection of discrete steps executed in a predefined, linear sequence, used to process submitted leads.

What is a Step?

A step is a discrete operation defined in order to perform an action in a flow. When a lead is processed by a step, an event is recorded for that lead. A step can be one of four types: 

  • Filter Step: Uses rules to determine whether the lead's passage through the flow is to be immediately terminated and if so, sends a specific response to the source.
  • Delivery (or Recipient) Step: Organizes, formats and sends selected lead data to a recipient web location, enhancement service or batch file, then parses and appends to the lead the response returned by the recipient.

What is an Event?

An event is the state of a lead at a particular step in a flow. An event includes a complete snapshot of the lead at the step, including: 

  • The data as submitted by the source.
  • Certain system data such as the identity of the source and the timestamp of the submission.
  • The outcome status of each step, as in "success", "failure", "error" or "skip"
  • Data parsed from the response bodies of enhancement or delivery steps (“appended” data).
  • Time stamps and technical details (connection information, request and response) of each step in the flow for that lead.
  • The response that LeadConduit returns to the source. This includes the final lead status, a unique lead identifier, and optionally a reason if the final lead status is not "success".

Each lead typically has multiple events.

What is a Rule?

A rule is set of one or more logical tests that evaluate lead data. Rules can determine whether an action such as a step or a mapping is to be performed, comparing the left-hand value to the right-hand value using an operator.

What is a Recipient (Delivery)?

An outbound type of integration that is designed to send lead data out of LeadConduit to a system of record (CRM, MAP, Email, Batch File, etc.). 

What is an Enhancement?

An enhancement is a type of integration that is designed to validate or enhance (append data to) leads that enter a LeadConduit flow.

What is Mapping?

A mapping is the assignment of a value to a flow field or to a parameter in an enhancement or delivery step and is dependent on if a ruleset is passed. Mapped values may include flow field contents, system field contents, appended data, or constants.

Mapping is also the similar process of assigning values when creating rules.

What is a LeadConduit Event ID?

A 24 character alphanumeric string used in the Lead Feedback process. It is generated for every event (step) in a lead as it passes through LeadConduit.



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