Contact Center Compliance: Litigator Scrub

ActiveProspect partners with Contact Center Compliance to offer their Litigator Scrub directly through LeadConduit.

What It Does

Litigator Scrub helps mitigate TCPA noncompliance and related lawsuit risk by identifying potential litigator traps in your data before you call known plaintiffs and attorneys. LeadConduit will take one or more phone numbers and return an array of results indicating whether each number belongs to a known litigator.

Using Litigator Scrub

Open your flow edit to the Steps tab, click Add Enhancement, select Litigator Scrub, and choose between

  • Stop processing the lead and return a Failure in the flow when a phone number is a known litigator (Recommended)
  • Continue processing the lead


NOTE: Litigator Scrub is a marketplace integration and doesn't require you to obtain your own API key. Just add it to your flow and pay as you go! The CCC DNC Scrub integration is not a marketplace integration and requires you to contract directly with Contact Compliance Center.

What constitutes a Success?

The IsLitigator field is equal to false for ALL Phone Numbers passed to the endpoint

What constitutes a Failure?

The IsLitigator field is equal to true for ANY Phone Number passed to the endpoint

The Reason provided by LeadConduit will be Known Litigator


Making a Decision

If you choose the recommended action to "Stop the lead flow and mark the lead a Failure" when Litigator Scrub detects a known litigator, a filter will be added directly after the Litigator Scrub step in the flow.

You'll need to move both the Litigator Scrub and corresponding filter into place if you already have a fully active flow complete with delivery steps.


“Try them, try them, and you may! Try them and you may, I say.”
― Dr. Seuss

Here's a sample known litigator phone number for you to verify Litigator Scrub works and your flow(s) are configured to function as expected:
(847) 674-7078



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