Each TrustedForm certificate includes a Snapshot of the offer form's HTML as it existed in the consumer's browser when the TrustedForm script executed.

When you claim a certificate the remainder of the offer form's assets, such as images and CSS files, are downloaded and stored with the certificate. You can continue to reference the Snapshot for as long as the certificate is retained in your account.

The Snapshot allows you to see a those assets re-rendered in your browser, including the text and images shown to the consumer. Drop down select lists on the form will be operational so you'll be able to see what options were available to the consumer. This is just one of the ways in which a TrustedForm Snapshot is superior to a conventional screen shot. Note that because the environment (device, screen resolution, browser, operating system etc.) in which you are viewing the snapshot may differ from the consumer's, all page elements may not align identically or be visible to you. But rest assured that the underlying page code that produced the user's experience has been stored in the certificate.

Note that when an offer form is framed, the Snapshot only includes the HTML of the iframe containing the form. The HTML of the parent frame is not being captured.

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