Technical Updates: Testing Upcoming Script Changes


TrustedForm is a continuously improving product but most of these changes take place behind the scenes. When we make a script change that could have an effect on the hosting pages (where the script is installed), we stage the new version to a separate scripting endpoint, allowing publishers time to test it and remain comfortable with its minimal impact of their page load times.

Will I hear about every single code change you deploy?

No. We will only notify you about changes that are relevant to you. These are changes we believe are prudent for you to test so we give you the opportunity to do so.

How do I register for updates?

We require all users of the TrustedForm script to register with ActiveProspect. You may do so by signing up here. We will contact you from time to time when updates are forthcoming. 

How does the deploy process work?

  1. New changes are staged to the 'next' environment.
  2. Publishers are given time to test the changes.
  3. We deploy the staged changes into production.

How long do I have to test changes before they're deployed?

Our release iteration time is three weeks. However, we reserve the right to shorten that in the event of an emergency.

How do I test the staged changes?

You can preview the upcoming changes by switching the URL in the TrustedForm script from to Only on very rare occasions will the contents of the snippet change and we will give notice if it does.

Can I use the 'next' environment on my production pages?

Yes, you can. Although the 'next' environment is intended for testing only and not recommended on production forms long-term, TrustedForm certificates generated via the 'next' environment are completely valid and can be claimed as part of your preview. NOTE: The script served in this environment changes without notice. Use this environment on your production pages at your own risk. 

What if I opt not to test the staged changes? Will the script that I installed on my site continue to work?

Yes, the installed script will continue to work. Changes should never require you to install a new version of the script on your site. The process used to issue a certificate is a multi-step process invoked by the script installed on your page. Changes are typically internal to that process. Testing of the new version is optional. However, we recommend it to minimize the possibility of unforeseen problems.

Is there ever a time when this process is bypassed?

Yes, there are two such cases where we will deploy directly, bypassing the 'next' environment:

  • If, after rigorous internal testing, we determine that a change will have no impact on Publishers.
  • If we determine that there is an active malfunction that can cause a material detriment to the operation or performance of the script.




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