Pricing Information for TrustedForm Usage


We charge a monthly fee for the use of TrustedForm. As part of your monthly subscription you'll have access to our TrustedForm application which will allow you to verify TrustedForm certificates. You'll also have full access to our HTTP REST API and online support via this portal. For more information on pricing, please contact us

There is no cost to vendors to certify leads using TrustedForm.

How am I charged for Certified Leads?

When you receive a Certificate of Authenticity with a lead you should claim the certificate via our HTTP API.

Claiming a certificate is the only way to verify the certificate's authenticity. Each claimed certificate will be billed as a "Certified Lead." After you have claimed a certificate, it will continue to be available to you for 30 days. During that time you can continue to look at it online, view the snapshot, and fetch it with our API.

How am I charged for stored certificates?

A claimed certificate will self-destruct after 30 days. You can elect to store certificates for any amount of time. You can change how long you wish to retain your certificates by contacting Certificates stored longer than 30 days will incur an additional monthly charge. 

Am I charged for the same stored certificates each month?

We charge you a monthly fee based on the total number of certificates stored in your account. You will be billed month-after-month for the same stored certificate. Certificates which are newer than 30 days old are not considered "stored."

When I cancel, will the fee for my current billing period be refunded or prorated?

We do not refund or prorate. When you cancel your account you can continue to use it through the end of the current billing period. We therefore charge your card through the end of the current billing period. You will not be charged for anything beyond the end of the current billing period.

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