Why am I receiving emails titled "You have received a Certified Lead from an offer form we haven't seen before."?

If you have a TrustedForm account and use our API to claim a certificate, you will receive simple and automatic email notification when you start receiving certified leads from a page TrustedForm hasn't seen before. The idea is that if a site starts displaying a different version of your offer, you'll know when they first submit a TrustedForm-enabled lead so that you can, if you wish, personally examine the site.
This can also be a protection for you against publishers placing your form on additional, unapproved pages.

TrustedForm takes a live snapshot of the page HTML when a consumer visits the page. We analyze the snapshot for every certificate you claim and categorize them by similarity. If you don't have another cert in your account from a similar page, then we let you know with an email notification.

We base our notifications on the certificate snapshot HTML we collect, rather than on the URL of the page that is hosting our script. One URL can be responsible for generating hundreds of different offer forms and TrustedForm is smart enough to know when that is happening and notify you appropriately.

What if I want to stop receiving these notifications?

If you wish to stop receiving these requests, please email the support team to request that you be removed from the contact list. We provide the subscription to the service as a courtesy and can easily remove your email address from the notification list. Please email: with the emails you would like to stop receiving email from.

For full a full overview of certificate claiming in TrustedForm, please click here

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