SuppressionList Jobs Overview

Every time file is uploaded to a list, a new Job is created to track processing of the file. Jobs can be queried to check on status.

List Jobs

Get all the jobs that are processing or have been processed for a List. The jobs are returned in reverse chronological order (most recent jobs first). Use an HTTP GET request to:{{list_id}}/jobs:

Get Job Details

If you want to monitor the progress of a job, you can fetch the details. Use an HTTP GET request to:{{list_id}}/jobs/{{job_id}}:

The following statuses will be reported:

  • starting — The job is preparing to start. Nothing has been done yet to process the upload file.
  • working — The job is in progress.
  • killed — The job was in progress but it was killed. See the killed_by_user_name to see who killed it.
  • completed — The entire upload file was processed.

Killing a Running Job

If you decide you want to cancel a job that's in progress, you can kill it. Killing a job will immediately stop processing the uploaded file. Any entries added to the list prior to killing the job will not be automatically removed from the list.

Use an HTTP POST request to:{{list_id}}/jobs/{{job_id}}/kill:

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