Selecting a recipient when there is more than one


In some cases, the same campaign is shared to an affiliate from multiple advertisers. If you are the affiliate in this situation, LeadConduit allows you to choose which advertiser will receive new leads submitted to the campaign.

Only one recipient may receive your leads at any given time. If you need to change the recipient that is receiving the leads, you must do this through your LeadConduit account. The posting instructions are the same no matter which advertiser is selected to receive the leads.

The default advertiser

Out of the box, LeadConduit will always send leads to the advertiser that first shared the campaign with you. If another advertiser later shares the same campaign, you may change your recipient selection so that the new advertiser receives all your leads.

Changing the advertiser which receives your leads

  1. Log into LeadConduit and visit the Campaigns View.
  2. If multiple advertisers have shared the same campaign, the "Recipient" column will show the current selection and say, for example, "and 1 more"
  3. Click on the campaign name.
  4. In the "Recipient" section at the bottom of the page, you may select which advertiser will receive your leads. This section is not shown if the campaign has only been shared by one advertiser.
  5. When you have made your selection, click the "Select Recipient" button. Leads will immediately begin flowing to the selected advertiser, and the other advertisers will receive none.

Why is the advertiser I want to select disabled?

You may notice that one of the advertisers has been disabled. This is because the advertiser has selected you, or one of your affiliates, as the lead recipient in this Campaign. If you were allowed to select the disabled advertiser, you would create an infinite loop where leads flowed to your selected advertiser, who would then in-turn provide the leads back to you. The leads would never reach the owner of the campaign.

Special notes about posting info

for affiliates: The posting docs remain the same regardless of which recipient you select. Leads are always posted into a campaign using your Account ID and the Campaign ID. Those parameters do not change, even when you change the recipient. LeadConduit handles sending leads to the selected recipient internally -- it is not possible to alter which advertiser receives leads by manipulating a lead post.

for advertisers: You may find that the posting docs link is shown as "not available" for some affiliates. This happens when an affiliate has several advertisers it can send leads to, and their current selection is an advertiser other than you. Although the posting info for that affiliate is the same no matter which recipient they've chosen to send their leads to, this is a reminder that this affiliate's leads will not come to you until their LeadConduit configuration is changed (as described above).

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