How do I mark leads as converted?


If you are a campaign owner, you can easily track lead conversions so that you can easily see how long it takes to convert leads and what you're paying for each conversion. Your lead sources cannot see your conversion reports, so this information is strictly for you.

How does it work?

It's easy to mark a lead as converted. There are three different methods you can use.

Mark a single lead as converted

Simply navigate to the lead in question by searching for the lead ID (leads > search), or by drilling into the statistics. On the lead details page, just click the "mark this lead as converted" link in the yellow tool bar at the top of the page, then click the "Yes, mark this lead as converted" button in the pop-up verification window.

Mark converted leads in bulk with a CSV file

Your file should be a CSV file with a header line and one lead per line. Each line should contain either the LeadConduit lead ID or the primary key value (usually email address or phone number).

Navigate to the leads > mark leads as converted page. Select your CSV file. Be sure to choose the appropriate selection based on whether your file contains lead IDs or primary keys. Your file will be verified prior to performing the conversion.

Once you begin the conversion process, you may continue to use LeadConduit. You can cancel your the process while it is still in progress, but any conversions that have already been performed will not be automatically rolled back.

Once every line in your file has been processed, you will see a summary of what happened. If there were some "failures", this indicates that some of the leads could not be converted. This happens when the leads were already converted prior to your operation, or possibly that the leads in question were deleted.

If you see some "errors," then this indicates that some conversions could not be processed. If all lines resulted in error, then there is probably something wrong with your file. Make sure you have the lead ID or primary key, and that the file you are using is a valid CSV file. If some of your leads were successful and some were errors, you can try processing your file again. This should not be necessary under normal operating conditions.

Mark a lead as converted via the API

If you want to integrate lead conversions into your CRM solution, you should use the LeadConduit API. This can be accomplished by making a simple HTTP call to the LeadConduit API. For more information on how to perform a return, see the associated API documentation.

What happens if I make a mistake?

Everybody makes mistakes. Don't feel bad. You can undo the mistake using the same process. Just select the "undo" checkbox when you upload your file. This time, instead of marking your leads as converted, it will "undo" the conversion for each lead. If one of the leads in your file isn't marked as converted, then nothing will happen to that lead. You can also perform this operation from the lead detail screen or through the API.

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