Volume Caps


Volume Caps

Volume caps let you set the maximum number of ‘good’ leads you'll accept from each of your sources. A good lead is one that has not yet been marked as ‘bad’ by LeadConduit Classic or the recipient.

Volume caps allow you to communicate to your vendors the maximum number of leads you will accept from them and where their volume is in relation to this cap. You can't set overall campaign volume caps, because the vendors wouldn't be able to know how many leads they can submit before hitting the cap (since they don't know how many leads your other providers have submitted).

Only admin users may add or update volume caps. If you are the owner of a campaign and you designate one of your buyer accounts as the recipient, you may set a volume cap on yourself.


  • Daily: The number of good leads the source can provide per day
  • Monthly: The number of good leads the source can provide for each calendar month
  • Overall: The number of good leads the source can provide since the effective date of the cap.

Leads that exceed these caps will be marked 'Invalid' by LeadConduit Classic.


  • Campaign: A cap can be set on a particular source within a particular campaign
  • Source: A cap can be set on all leads sent by a particular source, regardless of what campaign those leads were part of

In cases where two different cap settings conflict, the lower cap is always observed. Suppose, for example, that you have a source-level daily cap of 100 leads on a provider, as well as a campaign-level daily cap of 500. The second cap could never be reached, because the 101st lead (and any that follow it) would be rejected due to the cap on that provider.


If someone has shared a campaign with you and has instituted a volume cap, LeadConduit can be set up to email you notifications:

  • When the cap is changed
  • When the cap is reached

You can turn on notifications for campaign-level caps on the campaign details page, and for source-level caps (you're the "source" in this case) on the your recipient's account page. Please note, as stated above, this will not work if you are the campaign owner. This is only available to you if someone has shared a campaign with you. 

Please note that test leads do count towards volume caps!

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