How do I add a lead source?


Connecting to a source's LeadConduit account

If you want to add a new connection to a lead source with whom you aren't already working, you should email the source your signup link. The signup link is available on the sources > seller accounts tab in LeadConduit (you must be logged into your LeadConduit account to access this link and all others on this page).


If your lead source already has a LeadConduit account, then they will be connected to your account by filling out the existing user section. If they don't already have an account, then they can sign up for one (it's free!).

Once your lead source has completed the signup form, you will need to approve the signup. Simply navigate to the home page and find the signup request under the "Alerts" section.

Sharing campaigns with your new source

Once your account is connected with a lead source, you can share campaigns with that source. Navigate to the sources > seller accounts tab and find the new source. Click the link that shows the number of shared campaigns. Now you can share or unshare campaigns with your source.

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