Deleting Leads in LeadConduit Classic


Can leads be deleted in LeadConduit Classic?

LeadConduit Classic will allow you to deleted leads via API or UI. We generally recommend against immediately deleting leads, as they serve as a record of what happened. Having the lead records can be helpful when trying to troubleshoot issues or discrepancies with partners. However, after 30 to 60 days there shouldn't be a need to retain them in LeadConduit.

I don't want to see test leads in my Statistics, what do I do?

While test leads are visible in your stats (like all leads), there are ways to automatically mark them as test leads and to handle them differently. We provide a feature for handling test leads by passing the optional xxTest=true parameter to indicate that a lead submission is a test lead. The instructions are available to your lead sources on the posting docs. Learn more in this article on Test Leads. Some clients create prefer to create separate campaigns for handling test leads.

How can leads be deleted in LeadConduit Classic?

Leads can be deleted individually in your LeadConduit Classic account or programmatically via the API.

To delete via the UI:

1. Select the campaign from which you'd like to delete the lead.

2. Once you are in the campaign, select 'View Statistics' button at the top menu. 

3. Adjust the day / date range till you are able to view the lead to be deleted. 

4. Locate the lead under the submitted, bad or good columns.

5. Once you are on the lead page, you can select 'Delete Lead'.

Is there a way to delete leads by batch?

Unfortunately there is currently no feature for the batch deletion of leads. However, if you want to delete large amounts of leads, please send a request to our Support team for assistance.

Is there a way to wipe out all the lead data but maintain the statistics?

In the campaign setup, there is a Lead Data Handling section. This has a feature that allows you to anonymize lead data after a certain period of time. Using this feature allows you to wipe away all of the Personally Identifiable information (PII) that was collected as part of the lead data. Some companies require that their data be removed from 3rd party servers. This feature allows you to comply with that requirement while still maintaining some history that a lead was collected and delivered.

Can I still check for duplicates against the lead data that has been deleted or anonymized?

Deleting or anonymizing lead data has a large affect on duplicate checking. The duplicate checking data is no longer stored after it has been deleted or anonymized. We encourage users to hang onto lead data in order to maintain the option to check for duplications. 

When LeadConduit Classic anonymizes a lead, we remove all of the personal identifiable information (PII) from the lead. There is a record that the lead exists, but there is no searchable data retained.  It's important to note that we do save the time that the lead was created, in addition to the hash of PII information in our databases.  This enables us to use this anonymized lead to check for duplicates in your campaign.

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