Exporting Leads

You can export leads from your account, receiving a CSV (comma-separated value) file with all their data. Such export files can be useful for processing returns, conversions, or even analyzing the lead data in a spreadsheet application.

How long do exports take?

The plain truth is: It varies. A lot. The time for each one depends on several factors, such as: how many leads will be included, how far back the data requested is, and how busy the LeadConduit export processor is with other users' export requests.

Be patient: Queries that span a large number of leads or a period of several days can take a long time to execute, especially if other users are also running export requests.

Not seeing movement in the progress bars for your lead export is not an indicator that the query has stopped working. If the query crashes, it will terminate with a failure message. If there's no failure message, the query is still running.

The unreliability of progress bars is not unique to LeadConduit. Ever notice how often Apple and Microsoft progress bars jump around and report inaccurate "time-to-finish"?

Never repeat a running export request. Wait for the current one to either finish or fail. When you start a new export request before your existing one has completed it doesn't cancel the original request, it only adds another request to the export engine. That slows the entire system down even more, since the export engine now must divide its efforts even further.

Export options

Select the options for the leads you want to export:

  • the campaign (see below for more about "similar" campaigns)
  • the source
  • the profile, if desired
  • the date range
  • the status
  • which system fields to include ("Lead ID" is especially important when working with returns and conversions)
  • the field delimiter, whether each field is separated by a comma or a tab character
  • whether to quote each field value
  • whether to include a header line
  • whether to compress, or "zip", the file (this saves space and download time for large exports)
  • who, if anyone, to email when the export is complete (there will also be a progress bar visible in your account while the export runs, even if you log out and log back in later)

To export leads:

1. Select the Leads tab in your account.

2. Once you have selected a campaign, select the desired source. Indicate one campaign or all sources.

3. Designate your profile and status preferences.

4. Select 'Show matching leads'



Multiple campaign exports

Normally, you can only export leads from one campaign at a time. However, there is an exception: if you have several "similar" campaigns, their data can be exported together, in one export file. "Similar" campaigns are those that are made up of the exact same fields. This is common, for example, with education leads. There may be separate campaigns for different campuses, with different acceptance criteria, providers, etc., but they all collect the same data.



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