How does campaign sharing work?



You can grant access to any campaign to other LeadConduit accounts. This is called sharing. By default, none of your campaigns are shared with other LeadConduit accounts. Sharing a campaign enables the other account to access the posting instructions and creative materials for that campaign. The account may then post leads into the campaign you have shared. The leads posted by the other account will flow through your account — you will both be able to see the leads in your accounts.

If you share a campaign with another LeadConduit account, the account will not be able to see leads submitted to that campaign under any other xxAccountId. Additionally, the viewable stats will reflect only their leads. In addition, the recipient will be able to see their lead status, data, and other details like event timestamps. Please note that they will not be able to view details of your campaign's delivery chain.

Once you have granted access to a campaign, you may also revoke access. This is called unsharing. After you have unshared a campaign with another account, that campaign will no longer be accessible in that account. Leads cannot be posted from that account into the campaign. The account will still be able to see the leads they have already posted. And you will still be able to see the leads that they have posted.

How to share a campaign

  1. Hover over the "Sources" Tab
  2. Select Seller Accounts or Sites
  3. Find the seller in question or Sites and click their name
  4. Click “manage campaign sharing” and check the box next to the campaign(s) you'd like to share

To unshare campaign

Repeat steps 1 - 3 above and uncheck the box next to the campaign in question.

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