How do I submit a bug report?


We work hard to squash bugs as quickly and thoroughly as possible, but we know they get past us sometimes. If you've run into one, the more information you give us about it, the faster we can track it down and fix it.

Pick a descriptive subject.

You'll send in your bug report via email, so the first important bit of information you can provide is the subject of your message. A good summary goes a long way in helping us keep track of cases. Don't try to cram the whole message in the subject line, but subjects such as "bug" or "LeadConduit error" don't give us much to go on.

Give lots of details.

Though we can often figure out details such as your account name or what campaign you're working with, if you spell those things out for us, it helps get us to an answer faster. Another key kind of detail to provide, if you can, is what you were doing, or trying to do, when the problem occurred. If we can reproduce the problem ourselves, we're one big step closer to understanding what went wrong.

Include a screenshot or a link.

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. If you attach a screenshot showing the error, that can be a big help. In some cases, however, a link is worth even more. Almost all LeadConduit pages have a unique URL, so if you send us that, we can often see the same thing you see, live in the application.

Now you're ready to send your bug report to

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