How do I request ActiveProspect Support to configure a new campaign?


While we make simple for you to create and configure new campaigns, there are times where you may prefer us to do it. This type of request is considered Professional Services work, so you will be billed at an hourly rate according to your contract.

Email your request to Include the name of the campaign in the subject of your email.

Your email should include the following basic information:

  • Campaign name
  • Recipient (Buyer) name
  • Recipient technical contact information. It is helpful if we can reach out directly to your contact with any questions related to the setup.
  • Acceptance criteria (clearly specify any validation rules that need to be implemented). For example "campaign should only accept leads from users 18 or older in the state of CA"
  • Volume caps
  • Type of lead delivery (HTTP POST, FTP, real-time email, etc.)
  • Attach the lead delivery specifications (the lead recipient should provide)
  • Attach any creative (images, ad copy, etc.)

If the campaign requires real-time automated delivery via HTTP POST, the lead delivery specs (also known as the posting info) should include the following:

  • Submission URL (i.e.
  • HTTP Method (GET or POST)
  • List of required field parameters
  • List of all possible server responses. At the minimum, you must include a sample response for an accepted lead and a sample response for a rejected lead. If these are not available, then we cannot configure LeadConduit to interpret the server response and all leads will be considered accepted by the recipient's server.
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