What are the differences between admin and regular users?


User Logins are associated with a single LeadConduit Account (Company/Organization). User logins are based on a user's email address. Therefore there can only be one user login per email address.

As a matter of policy, we will not disclose user login information to an individual who is not associated with the Account for which that user login is attached. This policy exists because a user has access to all of the relationships and leads that exist for a particular Account.

User types

There are two different types of LeadConduit users: Admins and Regular users. A user can be promoted to admin status or demoted to regular user status at any time, by another admin user.

Admin users

  • Create campaigns
  • Add/Modify campaign fields
  • Share campaigns with a lead source
  • Change the status of leads (reject, return, mark as converted)
  • Import new leads
  • Create new users and edit permissions of other users
  • Receive notifications to approve new account sign-ups (regular users don't receive these emails).

Regular (non-admin) users

  • View campaign details, including posting instructions, fields, acceptance criteria, volume caps, and pricing.
  • Change the status of leads (reject, return, mark as converted)
  • Import new leads

API access

LeadConduit also has an API (Application Programming Interface), for programmatic access to your data. The API can be accessed either with user credentials or an API key. Learn more about using the API.

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