How do I connect a seller or buyer account?


There are 2 standard ways of connecting with other accounts within LeadConduit Classic. These connections are based on whether you are selling leads to or purchasing leads from another vendor.

Sources / Seller Accounts

Listed under Sources > Seller Accounts, these are LeadConduit Classic accounts with which you can share campaigns so they can sell leads to you.

To connect a new seller account, send them the link labeled "Invite sellers to connect with you, send them this sign-up link:" in the yellow banner.

Buyer Accounts

Listed under Recipients > Buyer Accounts, these LeadConduit Classic accounts can buy leads from you. You cannot connect directly to a Buyer account. Instead, simply ask them to send you their seller signup link.

You can also set up a non-account Recipient, but these buyers will not be able to log into LeadConduit to look at posting instructions, statistics, returns, or creative materials.

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