What do you get with a paid account?

You have to have a paid account in order to create a campaign

Although it sounds pretty basic, the ability to create a new campaign grants an enormous amount of functionality in LeadConduit.

Paid accounts can:

  • Create and manage their own campaigns
  • Accept or reject leads based on your own criteria (states, zip codes, area codes, validation criteria)
  • Set different lead pricing for each lead source based on rules
  • Setup and use custom lead delivery via a wide variety of methods: HTTP, real-time email, delivery into other campaigns or LeadConduit flows.
  • Provide real-time responses to lead providers based on responses your lead recipients are giving you — maximize profit for campaigns that you broker

Sign up for a paid account

To sign up for a paid account, send an email to requested an upgrade from your free account to a paid account.

What happens when I downgrade from a paid account to a free account?

When this happens, all of the campaigns that you created as a paid account holder will be inactivated.

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