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LeadConduit Classic is designed so that each company gets a single account on the platform. It is structured as a B2B social network so that any account can connect to any other account on the platform. Once a connection has been made, accounts can share campaigns with one another.

Account relationships

There are two types of relationships between accounts - Buyers and Sellers. If you are buying leads from another account, then you will see that account listed as a Seller in your Sources tab. Similarly, they will see you listed as a Buyer in their Recipients tab. A single account can connect to another account as both a buyer and a seller.

Why does ActiveProspect use a new account verification process?

We manually review every single account application to ensure we never have duplicate accounts on the platform. We also want to ensure that there are no fraudulent accounts on the platform. Therefore we call verify every single new account applicant. While this adds some extra time to the process, we think it is worthwhile to maintain an easy-to-use and safe environment.

What information can be accessed by other accounts that are connected to my account?

Privacy between accounts is very important on the LeadConduit Classic platform. We have designed the platform to protect information between accounts. Accounts can only view information about their direct relationships. They can only see campaigns that have been shared with them and they can only see leads that they have submitted or received. When a campaign is shared from one account to another, the seller only sees the name of the direct account relationship that is buying the leads.

Is it possible to private label or brand a LeadConduit Classic account?

We sometimes get requests from clients to private label their accounts so that it appears that LeadConduit Classic is their own system. They want to hide that it is LeadConduit Classic from their partners. Unfortunately this is not an option. The reason is there is not a separate instance of LeadConduit Classic for each client. It is a single platform on which every company gets a single account. Each company may have multiple relationships on the LeadConduit Classic platform so it is impossible to make it appear that LeadConduit Classic belongs to one entity or another.

Since LeadConduit Classic can't be private labeled, is there a way to provide real-time reporting to partners without having them login to a LeadConduit Classic account?

We provide an API through which you can access Statistics. So it is possible to build your own reporting system and access LeadConduit statistics via the API.

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