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At the highest level, leads are either considered Good or Bad in LeadConduit Classic. This is how we display the leads in the Statistics screen to provide a quick and simple view of lead counts. However, within the Good and Bad lead categories there are multiple lead statuses.

Leads in LeadConduit Classic always have a status and can only be in one status at a time. Leads can be exported by status and also viewed by status on the Browse leads screen.


Leads are considered Good until they are marked Bad. There are three lead statuses for Good leads.


Awaiting Delivery.


Delivered Successfully


A converted lead is a lead that was marked as 'good', delivered to the buyer, and then met the buyer's own criteria of a conversion. For example, a lead might be "converted" when the buyer gets an actual signed contract because of the data provided to them in the lead. Furthermore, statistics about lead conversions can show buyers which sellers are providing the best leads, as well as show them how well their marketing efforts are working.


There are three lead statuses for Bad leads: Invalid, Rejected, and Returned. See the article on Bad Leads for more detail.

Why are there more Good leads in my LeadConduit Classic account than I have actually received?

This type of discrepancy happens when there are Pending leads in your account. Pending leads are considered good but have not yet been delivered.

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