Node IDs

A Node ID is a legacy system field that represents the combination of a Source (xxAccountId or xxSiteId) and a Campaign (xxCampaignId). This field was required in order to submit leads into LeadConduit, but was replaced by the use of the combination of Account ID and Campaign ID.

Where can I see a list of Node IDs?

To minimize confusion, there is no longer a menu selection for the list of node IDs. But you can still access the list by visiting this page when logged in to LeadConduit.

Can I still use the Node ID when posting leads into LeadConduit Classic?

Yes, we are still honoring the old Node IDs. We did this so we could have a smooth transition to the new parameters. For folks that are still posting leads with the Node ID, we are mapping it to the corresponding Account ID and Campaign ID. However, the Node IDs are no longer referenced in the posting instructions. So going forward all new campaigns will be set up using the new parameters.

Can I still capture the Node ID when receiving leads from LeadConduit?

We will continue to pass the xxNodeId value as a system field for the foreseeable future. However, if you are currently passing something like source=#{xxNodeId}, we suggest passing account=#{xxAccountId}&site=#{xxSiteId} for more granular tracking.

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