Lead Profiles


What are lead profiles?

Lead profiles are a way to summarize your leads based on the data they contain. Profiling a field causes leads to be summarized by the values contained in that field.

For reporting, leads in LeadConduit are broken out by source and status (good, bad, etc.). Lead profiles make it possible to summarize the leads by one more dimension. This additional dimension is defined by the campaign field selected to be profiled (or a combination of fields treated as one profile).

How do I enable lead profiling?

You must be the campaign owner to enable it. To enable profiling for a specific field, edit the field and select the "Profile this lead" checkbox. You may profile more than one field, but it is generally recommended to only profile one.

What types of fields should be profiled?

LeadConduit will add a new row to your reports for every unique lead profile. So it is important to select a profile with a limited number of variations. You would never want to profile a field like email address or phone number as your reports would be unusable (one row per lead). Never profile a field that will have more than a few different unique values. 

If you are profiling the "state" field you will be able to see a summary of the number of leads for each state. So assuming you receive leads from every state, you will have 50 rows in your statistics. If you are profiling the combination of the "state" field and the "debt amount" field, your statistics will show how many leads have each unique combination of those two fields. So if there are 5 different values for the "debt amount" field, you could have 250 unique combinations or rows in your report (5 debt amount values x 50 state values).

How many fields should I profile?

You should never profile more than 2 or 3 fields in a single campaign, at the most. As described above, the fewer possible values for the profile, the more useful it is.

What happens to historical data if I change which field is profiled?

Changing which fields are profiled will not retroactively alter the statistics for leads already collected.

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