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LeadConduit Classic offers a special way of handling test leads. The objective of this feature is to be able to identify which leads are test leads and to process them differently.

Submitting test leads into a Campaign

The Posting Info for every campaign includes information about how to submit a test lead. You may provide the optional xxTest=true parameter to indicate that your lead submission is a test lead. Test leads are marked as such in your campaign.

How are test leads handled in LeadConduit Classic?

When a test lead is submitted, LeadConduit Classic will respond with a Success response as long as the lead meets the acceptance criteria of the campaign. By default, test leads will not be delivered to the final recipient and will be automatically categorized as Rejected. A valid test lead will have a reject reason of "test lead." If LeadConduit Classic returns a failure response, then the lead is considered to be invalid because it did not meet the campaign's acceptance criteria.

How do I change how test leads are handled?

The campaign owner can go into the Outbound Delivery section of the campaign and select the Global Delivery Settings. In the Lead Status Determination section there is a check box for "Skip delivery of test leads and automatically mark them as rejected". This option is always checked by default. If you un-check this box, test leads will be handled just like all the other leads.

Do test leads count towards daily volume caps?

Yes. Test leads will be counted towards your daily volume cap. Please reset your caps in order to avoid any confusion in the testing phase. 

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