Ignoring Invalid Leads



By default, LeadConduit Classic captures every lead that is submitted into a campaign. Leads that don't meet the acceptance criteria for a campaign are marked invalid. Storing the invalid leads can be useful for reporting purposes; to troubleshoot issues or to ensure there are no discrepancies with other systems. However, in some situations, you may not want to capture and store invalid leads. For this reason, we created a special parameter that can be passed with a submitted lead so that the lead will not be captured by LeadConduit if it is an invalid lead.

xxIgnoreIfInvalid parameter

When posting a lead to LeadConduit, if you include "xxIgnoreIfInvalid=true" with the rest of the lead data, LeadConduit will Ignore the lead if it is invalid. The lead will be deleted by LeadConduit and not available via the UI. 

Is this option available for batch imports?

No, currently this feature is only available for leads submitted via HTTP POST/GET to LeadConduit.

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