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There are two ways to submit leads to LeadConduit Classic: HTTP GET/POST and batch upload. We strongly recommend submitting leads in real-time via HTTP. Leads that are submitted in real-time perform much better since the recipient is able to follow up quicker.


Instructions for submitting leads into a LeadConduit Classic campaign are available in your LeadConduit Classic account. The instructions are unique to each campaign and account. In your account, go to the "Campaigns" tab and select the appropriate campaign. Then click on the link for "lead post docs". These contain the detailed instructions for submitting leads to a particular campaign.

We strongly recommend submitting leads via HTTP POST instead of a GET request. However, LeadConduit supports both.

Note that the data you submit must be URL-encoded

Using HTTP, leads must be submitted one at a time. If leads are being submitted from a server or lead management system, you should wait for our server response after submitting a lead before submitting the subsequent lead. You want to try to avoid submitting multiple leads concurrently as LeadConduit has limits on the number of concurrent inbound requests that can be maintained.

Batch Upload

If you need to upload a batch file of leads to LeadConduit Classic, you will need to do this operation from within your LeadConduit Classic account. Go to Leads>Import. The file must be formatted as CSV. You will need to make sure the file contains all of the required fields in the required format for the campaign. The header row of the file must contain the exact field names/parameters for the campaign. For example, if the campaign requires a "first_name" field, you must include "first_name" in the header row of the file. "First Name" will not work.


If you are trying to submit leads that are formatted in XML to LeadConduit Classic, we can configure an adapter that will handle the translation so that you can submit it in this format to LeadConduit. For example, is a lead vendor that will only submit leads via HTTP that are formatted using their XML schema. If you would like to submit leads to LeadConduit via XML POST, please Contact Support

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